Winner Announcement:
30 November 2021 15:00

DARKSIDE SMOKE TRICKS HOOKAH BATTLE 🇩🇪 (ONLINE) — This is an unusual experimental online tournament of hookah masters.


Participants need to make a video when they pack a bowl and demonstrate any trick with smoke (or a series of tricks).


Total prize fund  $ 1 000

  • $500 – 1st place

+  an invite to the Grand Final

  • $300 – 2nd place
  • $200 – 3rd place
Question answer


1. Participation is free (no payment required) and you must be over 18 years old.


2. You must reside in the country where the competition takes place.


3. to participate, you must:
a) Go to the battle website in your country;
b) Add your team to the list of participants on the website.


4. Video capture format: vertical (1080 x 1920).

Duration of the video can be up to 1 minute.

5. The music track of the video should not conflict with copyrights on YouTube and other platforms. (Make sure to do so in advance)



6. The video should show the process of making a hookah:


  • Filling the bowl



  • How to smoke it




7. Video can be shot in different takes (You don’t have to use the same location)



8. When editing the video, the sound track can be superimposed separately. (Watch right #5)



9. For the purity of the experiment, all participants use the same tobacco base (they are different for each country). The top 10 teams who pass the qualifying stage will receive a kit with all the necessary materials. The competition video must clearly show what you’re scoring.


If you don’t have a team (brand), register it.



As part of a series of competitions, 10 teams from Germany are allowed to participate, who have passed the qualifying vote on the website.

IMPORTANT: this time we are introducing location criteria. Only teams permanently residing in a particular region are eligible to participate in each competition.


Participant of any Hookah Battle event automatically joins our international ranking – the Hall of Fame, regularly participate in our online and offline events and become a „Hookah Battle Legend“!

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